A Full Time Job Just Ain't Enough These Days

This is a messed up world we’ve created and it all runs on sticky icky cashola.


Current Projects

Cyberdog Investigations, LLC - the new home for premiere detective work regarding the mysteries of the world, the internet, and the heart. Me and my team of researchers, The Bloodhound Boys, are here to sniff out answers and dig up bones.

Built From Human Parts - The sci-fi, horror, mystery anthology project featuring odd tales transmitted via prose, comics, and audio releases. Stories written and by drawn by creators all over the planet.
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Animal Cracker TV - Featuring segments such as "Real Talk Tonight" with thoughts on creativity, technology, and digital organization.

"Animal Cracker Variety Hour" has movie reviews, news reports, and Top 7 Countdowns.

A Life In Panels

Cameron Callahan has been making comics since 2009 when he started drawing the slice-of-life comic SCRAMBLED CIRCUITS, which he successfully Kickstarted into a paperback collection in 2016. He likes to tell stories with a focus on analyzing the unique, real life connections people can make with each other – whether strangers, family, friends, customers, or coworkers. Comics are his favorite means of storytelling but he also has a fascination with modern and old time audio plays which has become another creative outlet he has been exploring recently.