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A Prose/Comics/Audio Anthology Magazine An Autobiographical Collection of Short Comics A Free Webcomic – Coming Soon
Cameron Callahan has been making comics since 2009 when he started drawing the slice-of-life comic SCRAMBLED CIRCUITS, which he successfully Kickstarted into a paperback collection in 2016. He likes to tell stories with a focus on analyzing the unique, real life connections people can make with each other – whether strangers, family, friends, customers, or coworkers. Comics are his favorite means of storytelling but he also has a fascination with modern and old time audio plays which has become another creative outlet he has been exploring recently.
Some of his earliest comics were briefly talked about on the (now defunct) ART & STORY podcast (Listen Here). Cameron had a short comic in an issue of the zine anthology Candy or Medicine that was reviewed on The Comics Journal website where he was called an “artist to watch” (Read Here) by reviewer Rob Clough. Rob would later do a more in depth review of the first four Scrambled Circuits issues on his own site (Read Here).
Since 2009 Cameron has put out over a dozen zines and minicomics and published a paperback collection of the first three Scrambled Circuits minicomics with added commentary. He is currently the creator and editor of Built From Human Parts, an anthology magazine featuring prose and comics from contributors all over the planet. He is also creating audio drama narrations of stories in Built From Human Parts.

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