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Using Print-and-Play Cards Digitally | Deck of Worlds & Tabletop Simulator

We’ve all got a digital pile of Print-and-Play stuff sitting on our hard drives. Maybe you are still waiting on the physical cards or you just want a solution to digitally utilize these tools.

01. Throw your print-n-plays into this PDF Image Extraction software at
02. Open up The Tabletop Simulator Deck Editor (Probably) located at C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonTabletop SimulatorModdingDeck Builder on your computer. (TTS is $19.99 on Steam)
03. Toss the extracted images into the Deck Editor and save it as a Card Sheet.
04. In TTS, add a Custom Deck to your board and import the created Card Sheet
05. Have some fun times

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