Podcast: Remembering the Reef

On February 22, 2022 the Destiny 2 campaign “Forsaken” was added to the Destiny Content Vault, presumably to never return. This is an edited, no commentary playthrough of the Forsaken campaign. It includes story missions, open world portions, and any cutscenes in hopes to have a concise, pure preservation of the Forsaken story campaign as well as most aspects of the accompanying Destination, The Tangled Shore. Because this footage was recorded days before the contents removal, there will occasionally be some oddities due to the Seasonal events currently active, such as the Hive Cryptoliths present on The Shore.

The Forsaken campaign is being played on a Hunter, a class I have barely touched, as it was the only one I could play the missions on, using literally whatever happened to be on the character at the time (With the exception of swapping for Ace later).

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