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What is Built From Human Parts?

BUILT FROM HUMAN PARTS strives to be a storytelling anthology that explores the modern world – both its nightmares and its heroes – by way of examining what advancements in technology and culture have allowed us to uncover about ourselves and the world we live in while also wondering about the mysteries that have somehow managed to remain unsolved despite our advancements. These are true stories waiting to occur.

Each issue will collect a handful-ish of comic and prose stories from a pretty diverse group of creators from, literally, around the world. They were not given any genre or tone or content restrictions aside from they had to tell stories that felt as if they had some grounding in our modern or near-modern reality.

Built From Human Parts will be a magazine sized black and white anthology.

Who puts together the anthology?

Currently, the anthology is put together solely by Cameron Callahan with the help of rotating contributors each issue.

Who is contributing to the first issue?

We are still at too early of a stage for a definite contributor list. It’s quite exciting, however, and in a month or so I should have a more finalized group of creative misfits to brag to you about.

The current story grouping looks to be 3 – 4 comics and 2 – 3 prose stories, though, from people all over America and even  a few that are super, super far away from America.

 How often will you put out this anthology?

Built From Human Parts will aim for a yearly release schedule. The performance of the initial issue can move this goal forward or back. My dream would be 2 – 3  issues a year and while I certainly know enough talented people willing to put themself through the horrors of working with me, you know the drill, they gotta eat and I gotta help em eat. I will put em out as fast as I can afford em.

Is that all?

Oh, of course not! I’ve also got the help of a very talented friend skilled in a number of technical fields that is willing and eager to assist me in the second component of what will eventually be BUILT FROM HUMAN PARTS: Dramatic readings of some of the prose stories.

There is almost nothing concrete to share about this aspect of the project other than it is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and am in a position to tackle it on a small scale. We’ll put one or two short, simple things together and see how it goes and how we can improve.

Okay then… is that all?

Ummm, I think so, yeah! You can expect this project out sometime in the second half of 2017. I am very eager to start sharing with you who exactly I’ve got on board and letting you all in on the very dirty, disgusting creative process – triumphs and pitfalls alike – as we go through with bringing this book to life.

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