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Built From Human Parts: Current Status & Contributors – 3/21/17

Current timeline for this ever growing project of mine (and now, many others):
– Final prose versions and final comic pages July-August.
– Completed book ready by October.

I will be getting four illustrators to provide drawings to sprinkle throughout the prose stories in a week or two. I’ve got a cover design in mind and will have some super horrible pencils from me in with some info on that at some point (Final cover artist not yet determined).

End of May or beginning of June will see me, a super talented tech guy, and a super talented voice actress recording a narration of one of the prose stories. If I can bumble my way through and turn it into something compelling to listen to then I will try to get around 3 finished audios before the book is done with the aim of eventually having 6 total to go along with the print anthology book. I’ve already had a couple others offer their assistance with this part, so I can have a few different voices for this if it comes to it.

Current Roster of talented artists (and me) include:

Steve Toase – Author of the first prose story to be narrated later. He gives us a story about the destined meeting of admirer and creator (sorta) under less-than-usual circumstances.

William Couper – With a tale about a journalist who is a little too good at his job.

Steve Radabaugh (w) and Calliope Den Ouden (a) – A comic about the horrible luck of being surrounded geographically by absolutely no one you can relate to and the stress of being without those long distant connections we make.

Paul Grimsley – Yeah, I don’t know how to describe this one. It is literally just an insane sci-fi-ish prose story.

K. Patrick Glover – A prose story about fleeing your past, what brings us back home, and how that same home can create different types of people.

Steve Ormosi (w) and Edwin Den Ouden (a) – A comic story about hilarious marketing board meetings, confusion over where skin starts and technology ends, and sheriffs.

S. Bloom (w) and TBD – I’m currently doing the actual page breakdown for this comic script about how each person handles their fears differently and what people perceive they need in their life in order to be strong enough to control them. Final artist not yet decided.

Cameron Callahan (w) and TBD – My comic will be spread throughout the book, in pieces between each story. It features a group of news anchors, a dog, and a watch sales man.

I have not named anyone that has not yet started their work. For example, I’ve got four people to provide illustrations for the prose stories already and I will include them as that starts and moves forward and likewise those TBDs largely mean things aren’t just set deep enough in stone to make me comfortable to mention anyone yet.

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