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Built From Human Parts: Current Contributors – 2/1/17

Casual list of those involved at this moment in time, with links for more information if available.

All information on them was unearthed by me from their grossly unused personal sites because I requested to be given some simple information on themselves and their stories in their own words but, well, you know how ~reliable~ these artists types are.

These are the ones that have pledged their creative loyalty to me and also provided substantial evidence of said loyalty. There are a few others that still have not provided me with proof of their loyalty.

The current plan is to get first drafts from everyone by the end of the month (These people have provided such or are working with one that has provided such). So in March I’ll see who else has been able to finish their draft and start tapping my local creative buddies to fill in where needed.

As of February 2nd 2017:

Calliope Den Ouden –
“My name is Calliope den Ouden. I visualize stories and concepts. I also draw portraits & graphic novels and pen Cartoons & flash-fiction. You may also know me as an information specialist, in addition to making art I volunteer my services at the library teaching kids (ages 8-88) how to use 3D-printers, laser-cutters and how to code their own website. ”

Steve Radabaugh –
Steve Radabaugh, first of his name, is a freelance app developer, technology consultant, and game designer. He founded SPQR Soft LLC in 2012 to explore the convergence of technology with tabletop gaming. In addition to developing apps and websites for the private and public sector, his app store releases include KudoGram, Fate Core Folio and Dungeon Marauders.  ”

Steve Ormosi –
“Steevo has written a bunch of things that have been met with mild to no interest, many of which can be found at his blog, Intimate Knowledge. He is trying to learn how to do everything in the world all at once, becoming a brilliant podcaster included. This has proved . . . difficult. ”

Edwin Den Ouden –
” I’m Edwin. I illustrate and paint portraits. In a former life I was an art-director. Currently I’m married to Calliope den Ouden and try to manage the amount of cats around my person to create a semblance of balance, while I read books and listen to the Rolling Stones with alarming regularity. ”

Steve Toase –
“Steve Toase is an author, archaeologist and journalist living in North Yorkshire and occasionally Munich, Germany. As an author he writes mythic fiction, weaving elements from folklore and legend into a contemporary setting.”

Miki Marsala –
” Scientist, problem-solver, logic-lover, multifaceted sex-machina, noise-making flesh sack, making shit up, blah, blah. ”

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