About the Series

Since 2009 Cameron Callahan has written and drawn the indie comic series Scrambled Circuits, starring a well-intentioned robot named Primus who has robot brothers but lizard parents. As each day goes by Primus tries to connect with those around him – his step and blood family, his coworkers, his friends, interesting strangers  – and with each attempt he gets a little closer to understanding others and finding some coherency in a crazy world.

In 2009 I found myself thrown into a startling and unusual situation. Newly unemployed and living in a new town, I decided to funnel some of the anxiety and fear I was experiencing into something I had always wanted to do but never had the courage to actually do it how I wanted to: Make comics.

It’s been almost ten years since then and I have put out over 4 books of the series I started back then, Scrambled Circuits, and I’ve been talked about on a couple podcasts, mentioned on The Comics Journal website as an “artist to watch”, and sold my comics to people all over the world.


Publication History


Scrambled Circuits: Crude Beginnings Writer/Artist 90+ page paperback collecting Scrambled Circuits 1-3 with extra commentary.


Scrambled Circuits: An Abbreviated Account (Review) Writer/Artist Self published. Full length comic book. Also includes stories drawn by Elvis Brown, Dylan Canfield,  Danny Ferbert, Mark Fox, Chris Graves, and JeCorey Holder.


Scrambled Circuits: Defining Moments (Review) Writer/Artist Self published. Full length comic book.


Make Something Magazine 2 Writer/Artist Short comic “Clucks and Fries”.
Scrambled Circuits: Origin Story (Review) Writer/Artist Self published. Full length comic book.
Candy or Medicine 9 (Review) Writer/Artist Short comic “Thanksgiving with the Relatives”. Unavailable.
Make Something Magazine 1 Writer/Artist Short comic “Birth Name”.


Scrambled Circuits Holiday Mini 1 Writer/Artist Minicomic. Discontinued.
Scrambled Circuits: Closet Optimist (Review) Writer/Artist Self published. Full length comic book.