Scrambled Circuits: Crude Beginnings

Since 2009 I have doodled a comic series titled Scrambled Circuits that stars robots and lizard creatures. It is an autobiographical series of vignettes starring a robot named Primus and his struggle to connect to those around him. CRUDE BEINNINGS is the paperback collecting the first three issues I made between 2009 – 2013. It is around 100 pages, black and white, and in the printed book each story includes extra commentary by Primus or me, talking about the situation in the comic itself, the real life events around the story, or the comic making pitfalls experienced at the time.

Just a few months after I decided I wanted to doodle, my comics were briefly talked about on the (now defunct) ART & STORY podcast (Listen Here). I had a short comic in an issue of the zine anthology Candy or Medicine that was reviewed on The Comics Journal website where I was called an “artist to watch” (Read Here) by reviewer Rob Clough. Rob would later do a more in depth review of the first four Scrambled Circuits issues on his own site (Read Here).

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