The Story Engine and a Quick Complex Prompt | Animal Cracker Variety Hour

Hi Hello Welcome. My name is Cameron. I am a human. That is my entire backstory.

This will be the first in a series of videos dealing with story telling/world building. This first video quickly goes over what the Story Engine cards are and then I draw some cards to create one of the Complex Prompts (A Soul Divided) from the base Story Engine Guidebook. Once we have gone through a few more Story Engine prompts I plan to introduce some tools that we can use with the Story Engine cards to, eventually, allow us to create our own little world that we can use to give the world stories, comics, films, video and board game adventures, and many other fascinating avenues to tell stories.

I make comics, edit an anthology collection of prose and comics, and do other creative stuff. –

The Story Engine base set by Peter Chiykowski –

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