DUELYST II | July 29 Network Test | Songhai Empire Starter Deck

When DUELYST was shut down a few years ago I and many others were heartbroken. It was a tactical card & board game unlike anything else and the gameplay coupled with the lore, artwork, and music all melded together to create an absolute gem of a game.

Shortly after the game was shuttered a group of fans started their quest to keep it going in whatever capacity they could. Now here we are, with DUELYST II, after an agreement was made with the original company that provided this fan group with the original code base and assets and a licensing agreement to move the game forward. DUELYST II plays slightly different from the original, has a new balance pass, and will offer (when in a stable state) a Classic queue to play the original game with the final patch it received.

This is a match where I grabbed the Songhai Starter Deck and just went on it.