An Intro into the Shadow People and Hat Man | Cyberdog Investigations

This is a short introduction into the vast, complex network that envelopes what are known as Shadow People and one (Or multiple?) of the more powerful Shadow People that has become known as Hat Man.

Please note that as a cost cutting measures tonight’s episode is broadcast in black and white.

I would like to announce our partnership with the Montana Solidarity and Safety Institute: 1 (406) 215-1954
Please use the hotline to share your personal paranormal stories and experiences.

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00:00 Welcome
01:00 Solidarity and Safety: 1 (406) 215-1954
01:28 A Southern California Serial Killer?
03:00 Shadow People Call 01
04:38 Shadow People Call 02
06:27 A new Skinwalker Ranch?
07:35 The Hat Man
07:50 Heidi Hollis and her work
08:50 Hedi Hollis Clip on the Hat Man
10:25 The Secret War Between the Shadows and Aliens
11:00 Credits