ANIMAL CRACKER DEATH PARADE publishes stories in the form of comics primarily, sometimes prose, and occasionally audio. It mostly features the eclectic work of Cameron Callahan, though he frequently calls on his talented artist friends for assistance to bring his visions to life. Cameron has spent nearly a decade writing and drawing his slice-of-life indie comic, SCRAMBLED CIRCUITS, which recently saw a paperback published featuring the first three print issues collected in it.

Current Projects

BUILT FROM HUMAN PARTS is an anthology magazine that explores various aspects of humanity through the lens of the modern or near modern world – stories firmly grounded in reality even if that particular reality is one that is still up and coming. The stories vary wildly from very down to earth and grounded stories to very bizarre science fiction tales.

Since 2009 I have written the comic Scrambled Circuits. It’s been talked about on some podcasts and I was called an “artist to watch” on The Comics Journal website! Scrambled Circuits stars the robot Primus in his journey to try to more closely connect with those around him: Friends, family, coworkers, strangers. It features anecdotes from his life focusing on nurturing creative impulses, reconciling differences with family, and the difficulty of a life of isolation.

I’m not a visual artist. I imagine want I want to create then I learn as much as I can about the different parts that I’m not able to do, then I find people that can do those parts and work 65 hours a week so I can pay them to do those parts for me. EGODEATH is a quick and thoughtless exercise that has a very specific purpose: Get shit out of my head and do some quick doodling.